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Seattle Whistleblower Lawyer And Qui Tam Attorney


As a Seattle False Claims Act lawyer and whistleblowing attorney, I represent employees in “whistleblower” actions and those exposing fraud against the federal government in False Claims Act / Qui Tam actions.

I am available to represent clients in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Alaska, and throughout the United States.

Whistleblower, Fraud Reporting, Illegal Retaliation & Qui Tam

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False Claims Act & Whistleblower Lawyer


The Federal False Claims Act and many state law equivalents forbid any person or entity from presenting, or influencing another to present, to the government an untrue or deceitful request for payment. These laws encompass various goods, services, and government contracts, and have proven highly successful in helping the government to recover billions of dollars from illegal and fraudulent practices including:

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Government COVID and PPP programs provided a lifeline to many. Unfortunately, some took illegal advantage of these programs for self-profit. 

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Government Contractor Fraud

Not only is government contractor fraud illegal, it often puts people in danger as contractors seek to save costs by using inferior products. 

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Medicare & Medicaid Fraud

Some healthcare providers seek to illegally enrich themselves, driving up medical costs for everyone.

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Prescription & Medical Device Fraud

Billing the government for “off-label” prescriptions is illegal. However, some physicians are encouraged to bill the government by pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

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Mortgage Fraud

Tens of millions of people have been harmed by fraudulent mortgage practices in the loan process.  These processes must stop.

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Import & Customs Fraud

Importers have an incentive to misrepresent the classification, nature, or valuation of goods in order to avoid or minimize customs duties.

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HTS Fraud

HTS fraud involves the manipulation or misrepresentation of the classification system used by U.S. Customs to determine tariffs.

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Student Loan Fraud

Some institutions benefit from student loans while failing to comply with government educational mandates, leaving students with thousands in debt and unemployed.

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APPS & Ocean Pollution Violations

APPS is a U.S. federal law that implements certain provisions concerning polluting national waters, providing rewards to whistleblowers.

Discrimination, Illegal Work Practices, Wrongful Termination & Personal Injury

I represent employees subjected to illegal workplace discrimination, other unlawful work practices, and those who have been wrongfully terminated. I also represent clients in personal injury matters and serve as an employment mediator and arbitrator in injury and employment lawsuits.

Providing the Dedicated Service You Deserve

I am proud to have recovered millions of dollars for clients in whistleblower, government fraud, wrongful termination, and illegal workplace conduct cases (including sexual harassment and racial discrimination).

I champion the underdog – often the person fighting back against large corporations and others engaged in wrongful work practices and government fraud.