Seattle Car Accident Lawyer and Dog Bite Attorney – Seeking Full Compensation for Injury Victims

With years of legal practice, I am dedicated to representing the victims of car accidents and dog bites, and seeking to develop for them a path leading to a recovery of full compensation.

Providing an Honest Assessment of Your Case

If you’ve been injured, I invite you to call my office so that I may learn about your case.  There is no fee for this call, and upon learning about your case, I can advise as to how I may be able to help.

If your case is accepted, I can advise you of the likely litigation process for your case, as well as the legal options that may be available for seeking recovery.  I work tenaciously on behalf of my clients in seeking to build and develop their case with the goal of obtaining a favorable result through settlement or at trial.

In most injury cases, the defendants are typically unwilling to offer a fair settlement at the outset.  Instead, they usually seek to deny all liability and to offer defenses as to why they are not liable.  Often, only when a case is developed through the discovery process and it becomes clear that their defenses are likely to fail at trial can meaningful settlement discussions take place.

The Scope and Extent of Your Injuries

In many cases, the full extent of injuries may not be known for months.  As an example, a person may suffer a back injury, and expect that the injury will be completely healed in a couple of weeks.  Instead, the back injury may actually become worse, and with further medical treatment, the back injury may be found to be more severe than initially suspected.

As a result, it’s important not to enter into a settlement agreement until all injuries have stabilized, as there will be no second chance to re-open a settlement if the injuries are worse than expected.

Pursuing Full Compensation

I often engage professionals and experts when needed to help advance client cases.  Professionals and experts can include accident reconstructionists, doctors, and others in the medical field, who can help prove causation and the extent of injuries.

If You Have Been Injured, I Invite You to Call My Office Today

Unless otherwise agreed, I accept most injury cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that there is no fee to me unless and until I have secured compensation through a settlement or trial.