There is a common belief that litigation is all about winning at trial.  This is not the default focus of my firm.

My focus is always centered on attempting to achieve client objectives in the most expeditious manner possible.

At the outset of each case, I work with each client to identify their objectives and explain the options available.  Then they can choose the course of action that it best for them.

Client objectives may be different, even for a similar matter.  In a wrongful termination case, one client’s objective may be job reinstatement.  Another client’s objective may be obtaining the necessary tools, resources, and support to move to a new job, while recovering back pay and fair compensation.

In a False Claims Act / Qui Tam or government fraud case, the goal may be to provide the information needed, while protecting a whistleblower against job retaliation.

Once client objectives have been identified, my role is to develop and implement a strategy designed to achieve, to the extent possible, the desired outcome. While I cannot make any guarantees about the ultimate outcome, I can promise a full and dedicated commitment on your behalf.

The Best Strategy is the One Right For You

I do not assume that all clients want to litigate.  In some cases, acceptable client resolution can be achieved without filing a lawsuit or in the early stages of a lawsuit.

Call Me- Find out more about how I work for you.  There is no fee for the initial call, where I spend a few minutes determining if I can help, or referring you on to someone better suited to assist.  If I can help, I will schedule an in-person meeting or consultation phone call where you can learn about your rights.  I do charge for consultations, but there is no charge for the screening call.  While I do not give legal advice on that call, I do try to assist you in other ways, e.g., through appropriate referrals.