Make a Parenting Plan Schedule for When Your Kids Go Back to School

Summer is nearly over. Amusement park trips, pool parties, and camp sessions are all wrapping up as class schedules and reading lists start coming in. Parents and children are raiding school supply stores for notebooks, folders, and writing supplies. The start of the school season can be a hectic and busy time. However, parents of two-home families need to set aside additional time to plan the schedule for the coming school year, review their parenting plans, and put new visitation schedules in place if necessary.

The logistics of planning residential time can be complicated, especially when conforming to the school calendar. As a Washington family law attorney, I understand this, and that is why I have provided these parenting planning tips to help ease the process for both parents and children:

  • Create a visual calendar for your child. Your child may be confused as to what specific arrangements are in effect on any given day. A visual aide can be effective at simplifying the schedule for your child.
  • Leave reminders. If your child is easily distracted or forgetful, as most children are, then leave a note in their lunchbox or pin one to their backpack.
  • Attend open houses and teacher-parent conferences. Both parents should consult with their child’s teachers and let them know of the family situation. This way, teachers can make suitable arrangements that allow both parents to stay connected to their child’s school activities and education.
  • Stay communicative. Adjustments may be needed throughout the school year. Always discuss any changes to the schedule with your child and the other parent.

If a dispute comes up over the matter of parenting planning, consult with an experienced family law attorney at Teller Law. I provide compassionate and caring support for struggling families and help them resolve their issues in a professional and practical manner. To learn more about the services I provide, call me today at (206) 324-8969.

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