Seattle Unpaid Wages Attorney – Wrongful Wage Withholding

If your wages have been withheld or remain unpaid, your employer has probably violated the law, and it is your right to bring a legal action against him or her and recover the wages that you are owed.   When wages are wrongly withheld, employers can be liable for fines and penalties in addition to the amount wrongfully withheld.

Based in Seattle, I represent clients throughout Washington who have been subject to wrongful and illegal wage withholding by employers.

Representing Your Unpaid Wage Lawsuit – How I Help

If you have been denied over $10,000 in wages by your employer in Washington State, contact us immediately.

I know that you have worked hard to earn your pay, and I will aggressively represent you in seeking to recover your unpaid wages and all fines or penalties that may be applicable for violating state labor and wage laws.  Additionally, under state law, in some circumstances, the individual owners and some managers of the company may be personally responsible for your unpaid wages.

Illegally Withheld Wages – Common Forms and Situations

Illegally withheld wages situations can include:

  • Nonpayment of agreed upon wages
  • Nonpayment of final wages
  • Nonpayment of overtime wages
  • Nonpayment of worked overtime wages
  • Withholding of part of money owed, without your written agreement

Additionally, The Washington Minimum Wage Act requires all employers to pay employees at least the state minimum wage for hours worked. If you were paid less than the state minimum wage, or have not been paid time and a half for overtime, contact me to learn about recovering the unpaid wages that you are owed.

What You Should Do to Protect Your Interests

If wages have been wrongfully withheld from you by your employer, it is important to document all matters concerning such wages, including detailed time sheets showing all hours worked and pay stubs showing the amount of hours and rate at which you were paid by your employer. This documentation can be helpful in proving your case.

How I Help

If you or a loved one are currently involved in a pay dispute regarding unpaid wages in Washington, please contact me to discuss your case.  Once I know about the facts and circumstances of your matter, I can advise of your legal options in seeking recovery, and how I may be able to help.